Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions describe how RateDock outlines the following terms in the relationship between the ‘Site’ and the "Customer".

The following terms and conditions and further amendments are applicable to all our online available services by any mobile device, by e-mail or by phone. When the customer enters our website and looks at offers, using and / or any of the available applications through any platform herein defined as "Website", and / or by completing a reservation, the customer has to declare that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions set forth below including the Privacy Policy. Should you not agree to the Terms & Conditions stated, you may not access or use this site.

We hold the right to amend these Terms of Use and conditions at any time, and without any advance notice, by posting updated and/or amended Terms of Use and conditions on this site. Your use of this site suggests your acceptance of the updated and/or amended Terms of Use and conditions.

This content is owned by RateDock as well as the online booking service including the site structure. They are both provided for your exclusive personal purpose for non-commercial aims governed by the terms and conditions set forth below.

1. Scope of the service offered

We RateDock Limited (hereinafter referred as RateDock) through its website provides an online platform that allows to advertise and reserve all types of accommodation facilities (e.g. hotel, resorts, motels, hostels and B & Bs). Guests can make reservations on the website. By making a reservation through RateDock, a direct contractual relationship is established and the reservation becomes binding if confirmed by RateDock; such confirmation results from the authorization of the accommodation facility of the said reservation, too. This confirmation establishes a direct contractual relationship (binding in legal terms) with the accommodation facility where the booking was made. Starting from the above reservation, we will do exclusively as intermediaries between you and the accommodation facility, conveying to the facility all the details of the reservation and sending you an email confirmation for and on behalf of the accommodation.

RateDock does not assume any kind of responsibility and / or warranty in relation to the quality or the status of the accommodation facilities on the website. The accommodation facilities are classified on the site according to variable criteria such as location, reviews, categorization, etc. ... The default positioning is based on an automated procedure that can be updated or amended from time to time according to varying conditions described above.

RateDock reserves the right to refuse customers or reservations (or exceptionally to cancel confirmed bookings) for any legal reason at its sole discretion without any obligation to give reasons for such refusal. Among the various reasons for the rejection of a particular reservation there may be violation of the Terms of Use, trade sanctions or economic, legal restrictions, fraud, suspected criminal activity, suspicious reservations, misleading or false information sent by the guest, problems with credit card, threats, rejection, lack of important information, insults to personnel, communications failure. For such situations, RateDock has set up a list of potentially unreliable customers. To those people the use of the entire portal in its own name and / or under a false name will be denied.

2. Additional charges by the property

Please note that all prices on the website refer exclusively to the room reservation of the accommodation facility, at the required dates of stay and the number of people, if not otherwise specified. The booking rates are indicated per room per night. Except where otherwise noted, RateDock shows the rate on the Site, net of taxes and charges for services during the booking procedure. Without prejudice as noted below, the Guest will have the total price displayed before the confirmation. In the last page, it is possible for the Guest to stop the booking at any time before the confirmation screen, according to the condition relating to the various cancellation cases that characterize the reservation.

The services included in the rate are displayed on the Site in the accommodation facility Form and are then summarized in the email confirmation of the booking. The staying fee, other compulsory taxes and some local taxes (if any) are not included in the price, except where indicated otherwise.

We never include in the quoted prices insurance of any kind. Reservations for standard rooms are for one or two people or as specified in the detail file. In case of additional people, an extra fee is usually charged.

In addition, the accommodation facility, where provided, may refuse to accept other people in the same room without an appropriate notice. Please note that in some cases the accommodation facility may charge a so-called "staying fee" or similar additional mandatory tax for the use of some services. This fee is not usually included in the prices listed on the site, but it is mentioned in the description of the facility in the website. The accommodation facility may charge it where applicable directly to the guest in the extra costs arising from factors such as extemporaneous energy consumption, tourist taxes, cleaning, luggage storage, newspapers, in-room safe etc. It is useful to bring to the guest’s attention that optional charges and personal consumption are almost never included, for example, room service, food and drinks, gala dinners, parking, mini bar, telephone calls, movie rental, Internet, etc.. If you are not sure about the services included, please contact the Customer Support.

Some accommodation facilities may need where requested the confirmation of the booking of any transfers from / to the facility required at time of booking. RateDock does not organize any type of transfer / transport, all the service is managed and organized by the accommodation facility.

3. Privacy and cookies

Your privacy is important for us and we respect your privacy. Kindly have a look at our privacy and cookies policy for further information.

4. Currency Conversion

The currency converter is just for information purposes and it should not be considered as an accurate and real-time operating indicator; rates can vary. All special and promotion offers are indicated as such.

The obvious mistakes are not binding, including printing mistakes.

5. Prohibited uses

You should not use the Site in any way that will diminish, damage or harm it or in any way that will violate any applicable rules and regulations.

Furthermore, you should not use any automatic device, process or any other way to access the Site for any motive, including monitoring or copying of its content or launching any viruses, trojan horses, worms or any other malicious material or harmful to the technology.

We may report the above activities to the authorities and we will coordinate with them by disclosing any of your data. In any event of breach, your right to us the Site will be terminated immediately.

6. Support

Should you have any questions regarding the Site, please contact us.

Should you have any queries regarding any third-party products and/or services present in the Site, please contact the third party directly.